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Collaboration, a Key to Success

Collaboration is not just another business buz word. Your level of commitment to collaboration can be the difference between success and failure in your next software project. So what is the big deal about collaboration? Why is it so crucial that the customer and supplier collaborate? Because collaboration guarentees effective communication. And effective communication leads to shorter schedules, less rework, reduced costs.

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In software development collaboration occurs between the customer-lead (the product manager) and and the architect/designer. The product manager provides content and definition of the proposed software with validation and response from the architect. The architect translates the business needs into screens, reports, and process that the customer agrees upon. Notice that this is not a one way communication but a dialog. The collaboration primarily occurs during a meeting where both representatives interact until a final direction is agreed upon. Each person's perceptions are validated by the other and then documented for later review.

In the collaboration process the product manager represents all of his or her team members while the architect represents his or her development team. Any one person will be included in these meetings on an as needed basis to fill gaps and provide expert knowledge. Whether few or many, there must be two that are leading and striving for a collaborative relationship.

If you and your team are believers in collaboration then we are a good match. Call us for your next automation project.

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June 2010
C.R.U.D. & Wrapper Launch
Developing Methods is proud to announce the launch of  C.R.U.D. & Wrapper.
A programming tool that will save a programming team a week or more of development time per project.

CIO Breakfast
The CIO Breakfast is the perfect solution for small companies that can't afford a CIO but still have IT needs. Get Answers to your questions from someone with over 25 years of IT experience for FREE. To schedule a date, contact Matt Fries at or (513) 321-3214.

Look before You Leep
Do you need a technology assessment? Are there opportunities in your company to automate and reduce costs? Call Developing Methods to assist you with a feasability study. Be sure that the effeciencies and savings are there before you begin.