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About Us

Developing Methods is a Greater Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky
Windows centric software development company focused primarily
on the development of Websites and Windows applications using
Microsoft development tools such as SQL Server and Visual Studio.

At Developing Methods, we believe in:

  • placing the customer's business objectives at the forefront
  • solving problems that truely benefit our customers
  • finding that missing peice that will bring together the big idea
  • providing a positive user experience in the software we develop
  • a unified, maintainable solution that is designed for the users and management

That's why we're so passionate about tackling our client's problems.
We want to make that break through or find the big idea. We're not just
techies. We're your business partner in your development project. 

Other reasons to choose Developing Methods. Because we will

  • Help you crystalize your business case through partnership and consultation
  • Custom-design your system with your business objectives in mind
  • Assist you in the refinement of each functional component of your system
  • Leverage our years of experience in designing usable and affective systems
  • Effectively manage the software development process so you can focus on your business objectives

Contact us today. 513 321-3214